mercredi 6 août 2008

MyLivio the new web based telephony

Yesterday I was looking for how to make call from pc2phone or pc2pc without installing any software on my computer when I came across this web based telephony. It is based on flash technology for audio transport and SIP signaling protocol to manage calls.

Its name is MyLivio

MyLivio was developed by a French company called INEXBEE.

Before using this service you must register on their web site (free-of-charge). When the registration is done you will get link button which you can add in your email signature (Microsoft Outlook, yahoo …), blog, web site, ebay, myspace …

If someone wants to call you on your mobile phone he clicks on this link button.


- Registration is free and you have 10 free minutes per month (not sure if it’s per day or month *you can check it yourself on their web site*)
- Very beautiful and easy to use web site
- Fast activation (no need to wait days or hours)
- Fully compliant with RFC 3261


- Bad voice quality
- Work only for French registered mobile phones
- Poor user guide
- No video support
- Web page with lot of ads
- No way to use the flashphone from mobile device or PDA

Another well-known web based telephones -> Ribbit, Tringme or Flashphone

If you know other web based telephony feel free to complete the list

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