mardi 17 février 2009

IMS Client for Windows Mobile

After the success of Mercuro IMS Client on Windows XP/Vista, Inexbee has launched Mercuro Pocket.

Mercuro Pocket is fully compliant with main 3GPP/IETF specifications and can be used to make voice calls over wireless connection (Both IPv4 and IPv6 networks are supported).

This IMS client includes OMA/IETF XDM features that make possible to store your buddy list on a remote server with presence information using XCAP protocol.

Inexbee has developed a special mechanism that allows routing all IMS/SIP calls through the earpiece to avoid poor audio quality if needed (HTC, BenQ, SAMSUNG …).

GSMA Image Sharing and Video Sharing features are under development and will be released soon.

Mercuro Pocket can be used as a normal SIP /VoIP client and is now available for download at

lundi 2 février 2009

Commercial version of Mercuro IMS Client is now available

Inexbee’s Mercuro IMS Client is the result of more than four years of expertise in telecom and convergence software development. Today, the Mercuro IMS Client is the most complete and 3GPP/IMS/RCS compliant softphone available. After several months of live testing and thanks to the active contribution of many of you, the beta version is withdrawn to give birth to a Bronze, Silver and Gold edition on Windows and Windows Mobile.

Mercuro Bronze Edition

Inexbee is providing a free version of the Mercuro IMS Client. The Bronze edition is the entry level version that offers all of the most common features of IMS. It is perfect to begin IMS testing and deployment.

The Mercuro Bronze edition is downloadable for free directly from our website:

Mercuro Silver Edition + Mercuro Pocket (beta)

The Mercuro IMS Client Silver edition is our most complete version of IMS Client. It includes all of the features of the Bronze edition. Additionaly, it is compliant with the latest security Networks and is carrying OMA XDMS support. It can be used in carrier-grade IMS environment.

Be among the first to buy the Mercuro Silver Edition and get the beta Mercuro Pocket Silver edition (for Windows Mobile) for free.

You can buy it directly from our website:

Mercuro Gold Edition (On Request)

Fully customizable, the Gold edition is available on request and is dedicated to large deployments and provides custom branding, QoS features and high quality codec.

For further information please refer to:

About Mercuro

Inexbee is a worldwide leader in software development for multimedia convergence and interoperability. Mercuro team is part of a large community of companies and independent engineers setting up the standards of the next Rich Communication Suite and bringing to life the concept of Multimedia Convergence Service.

For further information please refer to:

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