mardi 17 février 2009

IMS Client for Windows Mobile

After the success of Mercuro IMS Client on Windows XP/Vista, Inexbee has launched Mercuro Pocket.

Mercuro Pocket is fully compliant with main 3GPP/IETF specifications and can be used to make voice calls over wireless connection (Both IPv4 and IPv6 networks are supported).

This IMS client includes OMA/IETF XDM features that make possible to store your buddy list on a remote server with presence information using XCAP protocol.

Inexbee has developed a special mechanism that allows routing all IMS/SIP calls through the earpiece to avoid poor audio quality if needed (HTC, BenQ, SAMSUNG …).

GSMA Image Sharing and Video Sharing features are under development and will be released soon.

Mercuro Pocket can be used as a normal SIP /VoIP client and is now available for download at

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