mardi 16 septembre 2008

New Release of Mercuro IMS Client (4.0.864)

The latest Beta release of Mercuro IMS Client(Version 4.0.864) is now available for download at
This release comes with a lot of fixes and improvements. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

- Add new audio and video codecs (GSM, Speex, Theora, etc)
- Full screen mode support
- Add the ability to choose the codecs used during Voice/Visio calls
- Add a better validation of Uri values
- Add ability to set custom XDMS documents
- Add a dialog box when a connection error occurs
- Add an anonymous crash report sending to ease feedback
- Add a DTMF sound feedback
- Fix a crash when running under Microsoft Remote Desktop
- Fix a crash when making a Voice call with IMS Communicator
- Fix the jitter buffer for a better sound quality
- Fix the session rejection with IM SIMPLE Session
- Fix the ugly noise when playing the ring tones
- Fix label alignment under Windows Vista
- Fix the tab-stop order of various screens
- ...

For more information about Mercuro IMS Client visit

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